HSR Engineering Netherlands

HSR Engineering BV is a Dutch company for architecture and management, and a member of the Royal Dutch Union of Architects (BNA) with more than 40 year experience in various disciplines in the building sector (house-construction, utility construction and school buildings)


CSOin  India

CSOin Design & Structure Pvt. Ltd. has more than 20 years experience in European Building Technologies. Working out Building in minute details remains the Strength of CSOin.


CSOin has trained and highly specialized personnel. CSOin keeps influence on the process of planning and quality which is very essential in the realization of any building project.


The personnel are highly qualified, yet also followed supplementary courses for good understanding of the European design and standards. This course is made by Dutch experts and includes a training period in the Netherlands.


The course includes:

  • Various building methodologies
  • Pre fabrication
  • Detail teachings
  • Building decision and the calculations as daylight, ventilation and epc., which belong together.
  • Fire Fighting, Installations